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Most headaches in children range from mild to moderate. With these, a child can take over-the-counter pain relief medications and manage for the rest of the day. But, what about the small percentage of children that have moderate to severe headaches?

Our headache tracking tool can help give parents a way to track symptoms, monitor progress and keep a log to show their child's physician.

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When to See a Pediatric Neurologist for Headaches?

If your child suffers from moderate to severe headaches, it may be time to see a pediatric neurologist. If your child is suffering from migraines or any of the symptoms below with their headaches, you should consider a visit to a pediatric neurologist.

  • Confusion
  • Loss of sight
  • Seizures
  • Weakness

The team of neurologists and neurosurgeons at Boys Town is the largest in the region. Our providers and specialty physicians care for the whole child, from medical diagnosis and treatment to wrap-around services that address physiological, social, emotional and co-occurring conditions. 

To reach more children and families across the state and our neighboring communities, patients can now meet with their neurology specialists online. Virtual visits offer a new, convenient way for out-of-town patients to attend their follow up visits, medication checks and more. 

A mother's instinct leads to life-saving neurology care.

Brently's personality shines through thanks to the doctors at Boys Town. 

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